Just another day at the office? Not the “Case” for WIU LEJA Alum

The Quincy Herald Whig’s police and courts reporter, Rodney Hart, posted a short piece today (Nov. 8, 2011) about a memorable day on the job recently for a 2004 WIU alumnus.

J.D. Summers, a Quincy (IL) patrol officer who graduated from Western with a degree in law enforcement and justice administration (LEJA) and who played men’s basketball while attending WIU, along with fellow officer KrisΒ Billingsley, recently saved a potential suicide victim on the Quincy Bayview Bridge.

In Hart’s article, Summers noted: “The guy basically had one leg straddling the railing…I thought, well, this is the real deal … The information we had was that he was tired of living and that he wanted to end his life, and that’s what he was showing to us.”

Read Hart’s entire piece, “QPD officers keep man from jumping off Bayview bridge during ‘intense’ call,” at www.whig.com/story/news/RH-Scoop-Column-110811


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