WIU Professor Part of National Discussion Group

Western Illinois University Professor Peter Cole has participated in a roundtable group of historians in which they discuss and the television show “The Wire.” The discussion comes in the form of a series of recently published academic papers in Labor, the leading peer-reviewed journal of labor and working class history in North America.

Cole, a professor of history, was part of the group that wrote a series of articles, “Postindustrial Noir: Assessing ‘The Wire,” that first evolved out of a workshop for labor historians at the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2008. During that workshop, several of the attendees, including Cole, realized they had a common love for “The Wire” television show.

The group then created a panel for a 2009 American Studies Association meeting in Washington, DC.

Other roundtable participants include Thomas Jessen Adams from Tulane University, Jennifer Luff from Georgetown and Jennifer Klein from Yale.

All of the essays can be read and downloaded at lawcha.org/wordpress/2013/05/04/postindustrial-noir-assessing-the-wire/ and more information can be found at facebook.com/LABORonTheWire.


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