Instructional technologist teaches at Cyber Camp

Teachers may be “off” for the summer, but for many, they’re not resting when it comes to learning about technology and how their students use it. Read about how a WIU instructional technologist helped local teachers learn about staying up-to-date during a summer Cyber Camp.



McLeod featured in a major magazine

Congrats to Western Illinois University Assistant Professor of English professor Charles McLeod, who was recently featured in Poets & Writers magazine in an article about the somewhat unconventional path to publication of his novel, American Weather. The book is available from, and was released earlier this month.

McLeod is also a popular professor at Western. Best of luck to Professor McLeod up on the release of this exciting new work of fiction!



Broadcasting and Spanish student returns from study abroad

Western Illinois University student Karina Gavina was recently featured in her hometown paper after recently completing a three-month stint in Spain, (complete with Spanish-immersion courses and …a “struggle” involving shopping!). Be sure to check out the story above, and if you’re interested in study abroad at WIU, find out about all the possibilities here.

WIU graduate puts nursing degree to work after (barely) surviving Joplin tornado

According to her hometown newspaper online, the Juneau (Alaska) Empire, Victoria “Torie” Powers, who just graduated from WIU with a degree in nursing, had “just settled into the Plaza Apartments after her graduation with honors from Western Illinois University’s School of Nursing” when the F5 tornado hit, in what is being called the worst tornado in the U.S. in 50 years.

“It came right for us,” Torie said. “We were on the northern edge of the vortex. One minute, I was talking to my dad and then I was screaming for God to save me in the bathroom.”

Graduate’s post getting lots of ‘likes’ among sports readers

Dave Walker, a 2003 graduate of Western Illinois University, is now a blogger for If you follow college football—or just want to see what one of Western’s many successful broadcasting graduates are up to—be sure to check out his post about the handling of the news of a tragedy.

WIU student, professor share reaction to bin Laden death

In a recent local story on reaction to news of the death of Osama bin Laden:

Christopher Mansour, who will graduate this spring, said Macomb and WIU have been a peaceful community for him and other Muslims.

“As a Muslim, you’re relieved the man who was this crazy mastermind is out of the way, because we don’t want this man representing Islam.”