Spotted on the way to work…

Usually, when this University Relations staffer (Alison) drops off her car to be worked on in the shop, she hitches a ride to work in the company’s van. Today, however, it was so beautiful, a cool and dewy fall morning, she decided to walk to work in Sherman Hall at Western Illinois University, about 1.2 miles away.

On her way to work, she noticed the Community Gardens Initiative started by a WIU professor—a county-wide project involving McDonough County Housing Authority residents—surviving in their blue plastic baby-pool planters, despite last night’s frost warning, and decided to snap a picture. (Please forgive her for capturing her own shadow as well.)

Thumbs up to Professor Rob Porter and the community members who kept a cool, creative idea going this summer and into fall.

cell-phone picture of community garden tubs

Never mind the photographer...please notice the plants!